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Part 1: Meeting the Canine(s) at their residence. This visit consists of assessing behavior and the relationships with humans and other animals in the home. Part 1 is necessary for a variety of clients ranging from basic training to possible full rehabilitation (approx. 2 to 3 hours).
Part 2: Further assessment is needed if the Canine(s) show tendencies of Fear Aggression or other behavior issues. Weather permitting, Part 2 will also take place at the home of the client. If the weather is too extreme for a dog trainer to bring her own dog to evaluate the client in Part 1, a second meeting will be needed at either the home or Four Your Pack/Camp 4YPK to meet the Trainer’s canines (approx. 30 min. to 1 hour).
Part 3: Even deeper assessment needed pending on the outcome of Part 2 of Evaluation. Recommendation for Canine to be boarded for Rehabilitation and/or Training. Pending outcome assessment, we will notify the Client of a Specific Rehabilitation Program or a Boarding Dog Training Program (Refer to the Dog Service Programs).


Consultation takes place after the Evaluation Process, using summative assessment knowledge of the animal and their needs. Your dog trainer will ask about the concerns the Clients have with their canine(s).  Canine clients will be met in Part 1, and if there are multiple dogs, trainers will meet them individually and then together. Depending on the severity of the concern(s), the Consultation could last roughly 25-30 minutes. If Basic Training is needed, we will begin the First Dog Training Session after Evaluation and Consultation. If the concern is more severe, please refer to the Evaluation Steps.
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