What is Four Your Pack?

Four Your Pack is a local Maryland dog training company that focuses on basic commands, behavioral training, and rehabilitation.


Our business philosophy and dedication to our clients are exemplified through our continual pursuit of learning new positive dog training techniques and building skills.


We specialize in positive dog behavioral practices. All backgrounds, ages, and breeds are tended to in the privacy and comforts of your home. Training offerings range from dogs with aggression to dogs with basic manners.

``Communication with my clients is the key to the successful training with dogs. I understand that our pets are family members. So, I want to ensure they have the best training and rehabilitation, by customizing your experience with thorough observation and care. I offer a safe and fun environment for your pet to thrive and learn. Private training in the comfort of your own home, my facility and in public places if necessary.`` ~ Fia Fosburg

Meet your Dog Trainer

Fia Fosburg has worked with local dog rescues in MD, WV, VA & TN. She is (CBCC-KA) Certification Behavior Consultant Canine – Knowledge Assessed & (CPDT-KA) Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed. Fia has worked with local dog rescues as a Canine Behaviorist and Dog Trainer. She is also partnered with several Veterinarian Hospitals in 3 counties. Fia has been focusing on the Canine Training and Behavioral since 2013. She currently has 5 dogs and 2 children. Fia and her husband have farm property, which they use to rehabilitate and train dogs. She is currently working on rehabilitating dogs with fear aggression and anxiety. She has also trained Service Dogs.

Ready to be a better leader Four Your Pack?